Linda is a very competent mediator and not just a "number runner." She tries very hard to educate both sides on the strengths and weaknesses of their case, and pushes hard to bring the parties to a settlement. I highly recommend her for your mediations.
Linda Knoerr recently handled a year old Hurricane Sally claim for me. She exhibited professionalism during the meditation while advocating for a fair settlement with the insurance company. Previous negotiations without Linda accomplished nothing. With Linda mediating I was comfortable and confident she had my best interest at the forefront of the mediation yet she was still fair to all parties. It ended with a settlement I was very pleased with. All parties involved including the insurance company representative and myself emailed Linda to tell her what a pleasure it was in dealing with her and putting closure to this claim. Linda made me feel like family and accomplished a fair settlement! I highly recommend you have Linda and her team on your side!
I have had the pleasure of working with Linda Knoerr. Linda is an exceptional professional who is extremely fair to all parties and has a wealth of knowledge in her chosen field. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Mrs. Knoerr will be glad they did and will undoubtedly look forward to working with her again.
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